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Fyber Forma was founded in 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan. The brand name is the combination of ‘fiber’ and ‘form’ with a slight twist which indicates that fiber can exist in all imaginable forms. Tyvek® is the symbolic material of this brand which specializes in unisex personal wear and accessories. Our major products are outerwear such as coats, jackets and a variety of bags. Fyber Forma excels in assembling and transforming forms to create a fashion of light outdoor with simple, clean style. Our design focuses on demonstrating the beauty and uniqueness of Tyvek® and it epitomizes a self-confident and sensible personality. The balance among materials, function and beauty is the essence of Fyber Forma that reflects our distinguished concept of the world and Utopian style.

Lu Kuan-Ru, art director from Fyber Forma, is deeply influenced by the spirits of modern technology and contemporary design, but with a strong background in the area of industrial design back in university (S.C.I.D). He has years of experience in brand planning and image design, believes that the beauty and power of design are able to connect the past, present and future.“Tradition is our history and soul. Innovation is our destiny. And the bridge between these two seemingly parallel lines is design,” says Lu. He emphasizes that tradition does not have to be destroyed to create the new. Instead, it can coexist and be infused with each other. Lu established Fyber Forma under this belief. He uses Tyvek®, material of modern technology, to create and interpret styles. He dedicates to accentuating the beauty and characteristics of Tyvek® in his designs, and trying to integrate this unknown into life and the environment.

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